The GCAN team is currently developing an integrative framework that describes the linkages between nutrition, climate change and gender.  

Framework Purpose

This framework serves as a tool to help better understand the linkages among climate, gender, and nutrition at multiple scales and over different time horizons. The framework also serves to identify entry points for policies, technologies and institutions that enhance synergies and reduce tradeoffs across the three development goals of nutrition, women’s empowerment and resilience that all form part of the 2016 Global Food Security Act.  It is designed to help USAID missions and national counterparts to more readily identify key issues that need to be identified, addressed and monitored over the lifetime of Feed-the-Future and similarly positioned USAID activities in alignment with the Global Food Security Act. To tailor the objectives and plans at national and sub-national level, practitioners need to assess the “smartness” of proposed investment options and prioritize them. The framework was developed with inputs from a variety of stakeholders during the project inception workshop in October 2016, followed by an Agrilinks seminar in November 2016 and was then field-tested during a series of visits to USAID missions. The final framework and a supporting concept note will be available soon.