Feed The Future Countries


Identified in 2005 by Goldman-Sachs as one of the ―"Next 11" emerging economies, Bangladesh has both potential as well as severe challenges for agricultural production and food security. (more…)


Feed the Future - Cambodia's primary goal is improved food security. The secondary, but critical focus area for Feed the Future‐Cambodia corresponds to the Mission goal of “Improved Natural Resources Management and Resilience to Climate Change.” (more…)


USAID/West Africa‘s overarching Feed the Future goal is to assist countries in West Africa in achieving MDG 1, Eradicating Hunger and Extreme Poverty. Although Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy, its most populous country and largest democracy, and a major oil exporter, Nigeria must overcome daunting development challenges if it is to fulfill its significant potential.


Zambia is a landlocked country in the central African plateau bordering eight other countries. The goal of Feed the Future in Zambia is to sustainably reduce poverty and hunger, as evidenced through a decrease (more…)