Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Jawoo Koo and Carlo Azzarri with the three Datathon winners: Adan Silverio Murillo, Angela Garcia, and Naziha Sultana

DC Datathon Stimulates New Analyses of the Intersection of Gender, Nutrition and Climate Change

To facilitate the use of Feed-the-Future Open Agriculture and Nutrition Datasets in agricultural research and development, IFPRI's Gender, Climate Change and Nutrition Integration Initiative (GCAN) organized the first Feed the Future DATATHON to make household-level data more accessible and interoperable with other databases, and in particular spatially explicit, biophysical data layers.

At the first such event, held on August 11, 2017 at IFPRI-HQ, the GCAN project team showcased findings from the harmonized data in Bangladesh (BIHS 2011 and 2015, available on IFPRI Dataverse) across four key food security-relevant domains (climate, agriculture, nutrition, and gender). Details of the event can be found in the GCAN- DC Datathon summary.

A snapshot of the event can be seen in this video.

The datasets and supporting documents used in the Datathon can be accessed here.