GCAN Start-up Workshop

The workshop kicked off the Gender-Responsive and Climate-Resilient Agriculture for Nutrition project (GCAN).

Participants of the 1-day workshop included key USAID staff from the Bureau for Food Security, members of the USAID Feed the Future KNowledge-Driven Agcriculutre Development (K-DAD) Project, academic institutions, implementing partners and IFPRI staff.

Workshop Objectives:
• Identify the needs of USAID/missions to integrate climate responsive agriculture, gender and nutrition
• Discuss existing conceptual frameworks and draft one that helps practitioners and researchers identify the links among climate responsive agriculture, gender and nutrition
• Review relevant research results to address programmatic needs and prioritize what further work needs to be done to assist USAID missions

GCAN Workshop Agenda

Details and key takeaway messages from the workshop can be found in the Workshop Summary Report.