Sophie Theis

Sophie Theis is a research analyst in the Environment and Production Technology Division at the International Food Policy Research Institute where she researches gender and natural resource governance and coordinates IFPRI’s Gender Task Force. She has experience designing, analyzing, and managing fieldwork for household survey and qualitative research; facilitating gender trainings; and providing technical assistance to strengthen social inclusion in natural resource policies, programs, and research. Recently under the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Small-Scale Irrigation, she has led research on gender and irrigation, developed guidance tools for practitioners, and facilitated gender trainings for 150 people in three countries. Prior to her current role, Sophie researched gender, nutrition, and agriculture linkages in the gender advisory unit of the CGIAR Cross-Cutting Research Program in Agriculture for Nutrition and Health and worked as a Junior Professional Associate in the World Bank’s rural development practice. She holds an MS and BS from Stanford University’s environmental policy program.